The most beneficial aspect of using USA TODAY in my classroom is that it allows students to have the opportunity to read about current events, especially those that involve government issues. I really enjoy leading discussions about government topics and how these issues affect the USA. I have the students read the NEWS section, or as they call it, the “blue section,” for approximately 20 minutes. Then we discuss whichever articles they read. When I have time, I like to read the paper first and select specific government-related articles for my students to read for class discussion. I find the paper especially helpful in teaching the election process during campaign years.

In addition, USA TODAY is handy for teaching about the media industry. My students evaluate different forms of media and explain how bias can occur. Then we compare examples of media bias to USA TODAYs usually fair, balanced coverage. They analyze the writing style of the USA TODAY reporters to see how they present all sides to an issue. They even cite how the headlines are balanced.

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