This Lesson Library houses lessons that have been developed over the past few years by USA Today Educate. Although many of the lessons are not recent, they still contain valuable information. Most lessons are in PDF format and many are paired with articles reprinted from USA TODAY. Below is an explanation of each of the types of lessons that you will find in the library.

Description of Resources

Case studies – Compilations of USA TODAY articles on a specific topic with discussion questions. Activities and a graphic organizer are sometimes included.
ELL lessons – Short activities as well as sample lessons from our ELL curriculum.
Graphic organizers – Stand-alone graphic organizer activities.
Lessons based on USA TODAY Snapshots – Math activities based on the newspapers signature graphics.
Lessons using a graphing calculator – Math and science lessons written by experienced math educators and requiring the use of a graphing calculator.
Lessons with reprint articles – Activities and discussion questions based on a USA TODAY article.
Monthly projects – Four-week explorations of news stories and issues that help students hone their creative and critical thinking skills. Week 1 consists of research and preparation. The following three weeks focus on the high-level skills associated with the last three stages of Bloom’s Taxonomy: analysis, synthesis and evaluation.
Reading lessons to use with USA TODAY – Sample lessons from our intensive reading program.
Graphics & Snapshots® – Reprints of USA TODAY graphics and Snapshots related to aerospace.
Weather graphics with lessons – Activities based on USA TODAYs compelling weather graphics.


  • English Language Learner (8)
  • Language Arts (2)