Ms. Christina Curran
Clarks Summit, PA

Dear Ms. Curran:

On behalf of the students at Carbondale Area Junior/Senior High School, we would like to sincerely thank you for sponsoring our daily delivery of 30 USA Today newspapers.

You sponsorship has allowed my classes to incorporate the following programs into our Social Studies curriculum:

Monday through Thursday, 4 students, for each of my 6 classes, report to my classroom before homeroom. Each student is given a USA Today newspaper. Based on a pre-assigned schedule (which is hung in my classroom and updated weekly) one student from each class is assigned section A of the paper, one student is assigned Section B (Money), one student is assigned Section C (Sports), and one student is assigned Section D (Life). At the beginning of their respective classes, each of the 4 selected students must give a 2 minute presentation, pertaining to their assigned section of the paper. These selected students then answer any questions that other class members may have on their presentations.

Friday is Stock Market Day. Every quarter, each class is divided into student groups of 5. Each group is given $5,000 at the start of the quarter ($1,000 for each student). Every Friday, each student must invest their money in a stock of their choosing. Before I approve their chosen stock, each student must justify their selection. (i.e. the stock price has been rising, the stock pays a good dividend, the PE ratio is sound, the student read some good news about this particular stock in the paper). Every Friday, each student must sell the stock they purchased the week before (at a gain or at a loss depending on their stocks performance during the week) and purchase a new stock. At the end of each quarter, the group of 5, in each class, that has accumulated the most money from their original $5,000 investment, is rewarded 3 additional points each on their report card (the second highest group earns and additional 2 points each, the third highest group gets an additional one point each.)

Needless to say, none of these activities would have been possible without your sponsorship. I also want you to know that based on your USA Today sponsorship, the increased interest of my students in both current events and the investment world, is off the charts.

In summary, once again please accept our sincere thanks. Your investment in the students at Carbondale Area Junior/Senior High School has paid tremendous dividends in terms of both student knowledge as well as student self confidence. We are extremely appreciative of your interest in our growth and success.


Jerry Kairis
Social Studies Teacher
Carbondale Area District

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