USA TODAY Education and Nissan have collaborated on two programs. The most recent focuses on the “green” initiatives taking place across the country. The prior program increases students awareness of the importance of auto safety. Through USA TODAY articles and graphics, along with the advice and support of Nissan, students become more aware of urgent issues that affect their lives.

Going Green

Fixing climate carries big cost

Students will:

Read the article “Fixing climate carries big cost.”
Analyze the article through questions and discussion.
Develop a implementation plan to lower carbon emissions on a national level.
As a class, identify three ways students and their families can help lower carbon emissions.

Catch a wave, throw a switch

Students will:

Read the article “Catch a wave, throw a switch.”
Analyze the article through discussion.
Navigate a reputable website for information on renewable energy and its sources.
Identify and organize information by using a mind map.
Describe in writing a current renewable energy technology.

Navy dives in to save coastlines

Students will:

Read and discuss “Navy dives in to save coastlines.”
Process the article and state what would motivate them to clean up the ocean.
Localize the story by recognizing what can be cleaned up in their neighborhoods.
Research an ocean conservancy group.

Energy plan seeks better gas mileage

Students will:

Compare and contrast the benefits and pitfalls of this energy plan.
Recount key facts about biofuels, gas efficiency and petroleum usage in the United States.
Discuss developmental technology regarding biofuels.
Pair definitions with key terms related to the cars and their impact on the environment.
State their thoughts on the future of alternative energies for cars.

Technology to help cities manage booming USA

Students will:

Read “Technology to help cities manage booming USA.
Discuss the impact of population growth on resources in the USA.
Discuss the impact of population growth on resources in your area.
Collaborate and analyze transportation usage and alternatives.
Process and advocate ways to decrease energy and water usage now.


Auto Safety Lessons