Lead the Fight Against Child Hunger

Child Hunger Ends Here is a free innovative project-based learning activity that engages middle and high school students (grades 7-12) in learning about and fighting child hunger.

Join the Fight Against Child Hunger: Easy as 1, 2, 3

A 10-step curriculum guides students through the process of fighting child hunger:

  • Initially it guides them in learning about child hunger and national hunger prevention efforts.
  • The class/group as a whole then engages in a child hunger-fighting initiative.
  • The class/group also organizes into teams of up to four to explore brand marketing.
  • With insights gained from this research, student teams create and execute their own cause marketing plan to engage their communities in a campaign to fight child hunger.
  • Enrolled classrooms/groups receive the USA TODAY electronic edition to conduct research and understand real-life examples of child hunger across the nation. Teachers/sponsoring adults receive comprehensive instructions to help them guide their students through the project.

    Content Areas: Marketing, Agricultural Education, Agriscience,
    Business, Family and Consumer Science, Health

    Applications: 21st Century tools and skills including writing, critical thinking, project planning, problem solving, communication, marketing, research, reading, math literacy, collaboration

    Team Competition

  • Teams of four students are invited to create and execute a child hunger prevention marketing plan for their local communities.
  • Contest submissions will be judged on three criteria: a reflective essay, the average number of meals collected per student in each class/group, and the average number of meals contributed per person from the audience targeted by the teams marketing plan. The student team with the highest cumulative score will receive a grand prize.
  • The classroom that contributes the most meals will receive a special prize (luncheon).
  • Grand Prize

  • Student teams and classrooms/groups that submit an online contest entry form are eligible to win technology awards and other prizes. Contest rules apply.
  • Winning Student Team (up to four students): one iPad 2, per member
  • Sponsoring Adult: one iPad 2, for classroom/group use
  • Winning Classroom/Group: Congratulatory luncheon hosted by ConAgra Foods’ marketing executives
  • You’re community wins through your service project, and you can too!