I use USA TODAY in my classroom to cover specific topics that we are studying each week. We are studying budgeting right now and have studied ownership in the past. I had my students use an article on franchising in the MONEY section to complete activities. Since they already had background information on this subject, this article was a great one for them to read. The students read the article to themselves, and then they came up with five advantages of buying a second-hand store or a franchise. Next they came up with some disadvantages. The next step was to compare and contrast their knowledge with the article, and finally, we had a group discussion.

My students always read “Across the Nation” and then pull out the states that show economic strength. They always have to provide me with indicators of why they chose those states.

I love USA TODAY. The kids really love it because after we do our lessons, I always give them time to read the rest of the paper.

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