When my students write about their learning environment and the 10- minute reading period given at the beginning of each class school-wide, all communication barriers, learning disabilities, and behavioral problems, which ordinarily separate students, are removed. Students are transformed and commonalities become apparent. Young Adults are encouraged to express their opinions on articles selected daily in an unbiased setting among their peers regarding concepts related to science, technology and society.

As a teacher, observing the transformation of my students has been amazing. I no longer have to direct students daily to sit in pairs and read the paper to the sound of groans and moans. The students now fight to get the newspapers and continue to read even after the mandatory reading period has ended. Yes, I actually have to stop students from reading in order to cover the required chemistry curriculum. The science articles, which we have read in class, have led to enhanced understanding of concepts, which are not readily understood by teenagers.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Staff of USA TODAY for a quality product, which has enhanced the learning process for hundreds of students and also convinced this veteran teacher to adapt her instructional strategies.

Julie Gilbert
Science Teacher
Miami Senior High School
Eagle Lake, FL

Student comments:

During the 10 minutes of silent reading my science teacher made all her students read science articles in the newspaper. I think that this is a good idea since it gives students a chance to actually learn something instead of just sitting there pretending to read. The articles were educational, and entertaining.

In addition, the articles provided me with a better understanding of the relationship between science and society because it shows you how science can greatly affect humanity. For example, the article about Pap tests shows how many deaths are caused by womens negligence to take a simple test just once a year.

In essence, reading the newspaper during silent reading has helped me understand that science is not just another boring class that we have to take, its part of our everyday lives.

Everything from Pap test to pipe bombs has been read in my Chemistry class. I feel that this is a great experiment and has been extremely successful. It has made me open my eyes to events that are occurring everyday, it could have helped me on the FCAT, and it makes you think and concentrate on what you read&

In conclusion I feel that reading the articles in Ms. Gilberts class on a daily basis is very helpful in several branches of life. I personally believe every class should do it and I will definitely continue reading the newspaper even after I leave her class. I found that it has made me aware of things and events going on in the world that I would be clueless about if I didnt read in her class. I really appreciate it and I will carry all the information throughout the rest of my life.
Reading USA TODAY has been effective this school year for many reasons. I am an ESOL student and in this essay I will write about the importance of reading.

If I say we are improving our knowledge, I mean that we are opening our minds to something completely unknown. Every single day we learn something new, and all that we are learning today will help us to be better persons in the future. Our knowledge in life opens our own roads to be what we expect to be.

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