Recently USA TODAY featured an article on monuments in the USA and how Americans have become engrossed in monument building. I had my students design monuments that would be good on our schools campus. They drew pictures of their monuments and then wrote dedications to the school. They used reading skills to read the article and writing skills to create the dedication.

I also have my students write a weekly journal. In a recent editorial in USA TODAY the debate was about starting the school day later. This couldnt have appeared in the paper at a better time because we were discussing study skills and learning styles. I had the kids write in their journals their opinions on starting school later. Another uncanny link was the science section article about the peregrine falcon. We had just done a unit on animal survival. In terms of tying USA TODAY into my math class, about three weeks ago, there was an article on the median income in the USA. The article lent itself to teach the students all about median and what it means. The children were amazed at the poverty level in the USA.

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