By Courtney Wylie, CollegeFashionista

When one thinks about Philadelphia, fashion isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Mention the City of Brotherly Love and you’re instantly reminded that Philadelphia exists as a melting pot for the most die-hard sports fanatics, a group that prefers the latest Phillies gear rather than the latest runway look.

Besides their notoriety as being among the most devoted sports fans known to man and Philadelphia’s reputation as one of the best restaurant cities in the United States, Philadelphians also take pride in the view of their home as a hub for serial entrepreneurship and creative originality. For the dedicated fashion enthusiasts, Philadelphia stands as a beacon of hope — an up-and-coming, fashion-forward metropolitan city.

In fact, growth within Philadelphia’s fashion industry was exhibited in the success of its first Fashion Night Out on Sept. 6, where Joan Shepp served as headquarters for The Accessories Council’s official cocktail party and showcased fashion accessories made in the USA.

For some, Philadelphia is the home to one of the most culturally diverse hot spots on East Coast. Amongst the hustle and bustle of University City, Drexel University merges with its close neighbor, the University of Pennsylvania. To the west, we look toward the world-renowned Philadelphia Art Museum, and if that’s not enough beauty to feast your eyes on, we are only a short subway ride to Walnut Street shopping and the corporate headquarters of Urban Outfitters, Inc.

Drexel is home to some of the most stylish Philadelphians around. With a surplus of students from abroad and an assortment of style-centric tastes, I ask myself what exactly defines a Drexel University Fashionista/o?

Drexel has come a long way from the typical hipster look seen at your local WXPN indie concert. In fact, when analyzing a Drexel student’s style, often times I notice a mixture of high-end brands complemented by touches of boutique and thrift-store finds.

Many students who attend Drexel alternate between a whirlwind 10-week quarter system and six-month internship program. In due course, this hectic schedule fuels effortless urban edginess and a strong sense of functionality among the student body. Expect to see comfortable wardrobe necessities such as biker boots or preppy loafers during classes and a chic, career-focused style during the six-month internship program.

When trend-spotting, it’s easy to find anything from a Fashionista in an Urban Outfitters oversized sweater paired with leather leggings to an intern dressed in a structured sheath dress from J.Crew.

Today’s Fashionista is a prime example of what can be seen on a daily basis at Drexel. As you can see, this Fashionista adds a punch of edginess to her casual denim shirt by pairing it with pleather leggings from Bebe. Additionally, her on-trend Steve Madden slippers pump up the fun while the all black keeps the look basic.

Finding a balance between style, lectures and internships can be a major challenge. However, as this Fashionista proves, when executed with confidence, style and a bit of fun, it will be completely worth your while. Style on.

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