These free online educational science resources integrate USA TODAY content with Texas Instruments technology.

The lessons are dedicated to engaging students in timely, relevant, real-world information integrated with TI graphing technology.

Each lesson was written by experienced science educators and is based on USA TODAYs articles, signature Snapshots® and infographs.

The Science TODAY activities have been specifically designed to explore topics in Earth science, biology and physics.

The lessons are correlated to National Science Standards.

2004 Corn Crop is a bin buster
Students will examine and evaluate data on the corn harvest in the United States over the past several years.
Land and Soil 9-12

Breast Cancer Risks
The USA TODAY Snapshot “Breast cancer risks” shows the percentage of women in several age categories that, statistically develop breast cancer.
Genetics 9-12

When the snow is as high as an elephant
Using the Snapshot™ “When the snow is a high as an elephant”, students will examine the potential effects of accumulated snow.
Science Earth Science 9-12,

West Nile killing more people
In this activity, students will examine data and explore the impact and possible future trends of an emerging disease. Science General 9-12

The USAs expanding weight problem
This activity reveals the incidence of obesity in the United States. Students will analyze “The USAs expanding weight problem” Science General 9-12

The More the Merrier
Students examine the USA TODAY Snapshot™ “More of U.S.”, construct a graph from the data, produce a mathematical model Biology 9-12

Growing bigger by the decade
Students will examine the current and predicted population data from the countries included in a USA TODAY Snapshot. Biology 9-12

How the Olympic swimsuit gives athletes an edge
In this activity students will look at the potential impact of an improvement in the equipment used by world-class swimmers. Physics 9-12,

Clearing the bar
In this activity, students will explore the effects of two critical physical factors on potential success in the pole vault event. Physics 9-12,

Hurricane Damage
Students will construct a graph and a regression model which shows the relationship between wind speed and the force of the wind. Physics 9-12