FREE online educational math resources integrating USA TODAY content with Texas Instruments technology.

These lessons:

  • are dedicated to engaging students in timely, relevant, real-world information integrated with TI graphing technology.
  • were written by experienced math educators and based on USA TODAYs articles and signature Snapshots® and infographs.
  • have been specifically designed to explore topics in pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus or statistics.
  • meet the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards.

Ballooning inside the box
In this activity. using the USATODAY infograph, “Ballooning inside the box,” students will explore geometric relationships using similar triangles.
Geometry 9-12

Dangerous Births
Using the USA TODAY Snapshot, “Dangerous births,” students will explore the geometric relationships of triangles using perpendicular bisectors of the sides.
Geometry 9-12

Snow is as High as an Elephant
The USA TODAY infograph, “When the snow is as high as an elephant,” helps us understand snow from a more practical point of view.
Geometry 9-12, 5-8

When a Ruler Isnt Enough
This activity illustrates a real-life problem that uses trigonometry to solve for an unknown.
Geometry 9-12

How Close is Florida
In this activity, students are going to recreate and verify the information in the USA TODAY Snapshot, “How close is Florida?”
Algebra 5-8

The Next Frontier for Flight
This activity provides students the opportunity to gain experience in creating circle graphs on the calculator and provides an Algebra 5-8

Super Ticket Sales
Students will create two box and whisker plots of the data in the USA TODAY Snapshot(R). They will calculate central tendencie.. Algebra 5-8

Wildfires nearly snuffed
Students will use the data from the USA TODAY Infograph to explore the relationship between area and perimeter for rectangles a Algebra 9-12, 5-8

Humidity Makes Air Feel Even Hotter
Students note the range of heat indexes on the overall data as well as specific humidity levels and air temperatures. They find Algebra 9-12, 5-8

The New Color of Money
The USA TODAY Snapshot® allows students to use scientific notation with real-life data. Students will work with large numbe Algebra 9-12

Is leisure time really shrinking?
Students will have the opportunity to organize data from the USA TODAY Snapshot.
Algebra 9-12

Population On The Move
In this activity, students will determine the rate of change (slope) & build a linear model (y = mx + b) from data.
Algebra 9-12

Challenge Paying College Tuition
Students write exponential equations based on the percent of increase of college costs and will graph and interpret these equat
Algebra 9-12

Home sales records
Students write exponential equations based on the percent of increase of college costs and will graph and interpret these equations.
Algebra 9-12

New Color of Money
In this activity, students will read about the changes in the “new money” and then create a graph to represent various combinations of currency produced.
Algebra 9-12

Heat Watch
Students will explore linear & quadratic functions to determine how they model the relationship between air temperature & heat index. Algebra 9-12

Cropland Value Grows
In this activity students will determine the rate of growth of the U.S. cropland and find a linear model from the data to predict
Algebra 9-12

More of US
In this activity, students will investigate exponential functions and their graphs using real-life data.
Algebra 9-12

Wildfire deaths
In this activity, students will be asked to use the “Wildfire deaths” data to determine a linear model.
Algebra 9-12

More Students apply early
In this activity, students will explore scatterplots and independent and dependent variables.
Algebra 9-12

Breast Cancer Risks
Students will explore data that will be modeled by a logistic function.
PreCalculus 9-12

Internet Subscribers soar
Students will create a scatter plot of the number of Internet subscribers during 2004 through 2008 using the USA TODAY Snapshot. Calculus 9-12

Good to Fair Environment Declining
Students calculate the actual number of those surveyed who believe the environment is in “fair” condition.
Probability & Statistics 9-12

World Population in 2050
The data in the USA TODAY Snapshot, “World Population in 2050,” is in a relative frequency form. Students will use the percents
Probability & Statistics 9-12

More 10-digit Dialing
It used to be that a household had one phone number, which easily accommodated everyone in the family. But today, with personal Probability & Statistics 9-12