The Federal Reserve System is committed to economic and personal financial education.

USA TODAY and the Federal Reserve collaborated to introduce students and educators to the wide variety of instructional resources on the Federal Reserve Education and FED 101 websites.

The Federal Reserve Education website provides links to instructional materials and tools that can increase student understanding of the Federal Reserve, economics and financial education. All of the Fed websites, curriculum, newsletters, booklets and other resources are free.

Sample Features at

FED 101
This new section of the Federal Reserve Education website makes learning about the Federal Reserve and economics fun! The site includes games, quizzes, videos, interactive online features and classroom resources.

“The Fed Today” Video
Join radio and television journalist Charles Osgood as he explains the workings of the Federal Reserve System through this 13 minute video.

Life of a Check
Buying a new CD player? Are you paying by check or debit card? Where in the world does the money come from?

Life of a Dollar Bill
Each year Federal Reserve Banks circulate, sort, shred and store millions of dollars of currency.

How the Fed Influences the Supply of Money
The Federal Reserve is best known for its role in making and carrying out the countrys monetary policy.

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