Originally designed in collaboration with the Office of National Drug Control Policy, this program focuses on drug prevention. The accompanying USA TODAY articles, Snapshots® and activities provide students with the opportunity to investigate the real dangers of drugs, while learning about the tools they need to make healthy decisions. These lessons can be used across the curriculum in high school classes.

Use of Ecstasy, other illegal drugs declined in 02
Three factors threaten teens
Girls are drinking like boys
Dispel myths, save lives
Bush plans hit on drug abuse
Meth moves east
Taking pills isnt the answer
The kids are all right
Kids, steroids dont mix
Lessons in Little Theater echo in students lives
Parents are unaware of Ecstasy risk
Boomers assess high school
Parent-teacher meeting value increases in high school
Cities crack down on raves
Baseballs steroid test program: Fair or foul?
Youths risk death for cough-remedy high