By Shikeith Cathey, Penn State, College Fashionista

Fashion here at Penn State University, is not to be confused with the style of students from the likes of New York University. We are a melting pot of UGG boots, The North Face jackets, athletic wear, and those ultra sleek black leggings. Seeking comfort before style leads many students astray. Accordingly, the possibility of finding students who are considerably chic in their way of dress is a rarity among the tens of thousands who attend this college.

So when I do spot a student who approaches everyday style with a no sweatshirt rule, I equate it to discovering hidden treasures. Undoubtedly, this fashionista is a treasure in my eyes. Her carefree approach to fashion and comfort make up all the elements of the wardrobe of the majority around this University Park campus.

Her weather appropriate outfit, consist of black leather motorcycle boots that are a sleek alternative to dominate “ugh” footwear trend. Worn with black skintight leggings, her outfit takes an interesting turn with her choice of top. The knitted sweater that fades from dark to light is fashionably oversized; just as style icon Mary Kate Olsen would wear it.

It is such a gem, and my favorite part of her look. Her minimalist approach to the rest of her ensemble serves as the canvas to what I would refer to as a stand out piece. You can absolutely tell this fashionista is warm enough to withstand the arctic winds of State College, PA.

To me this fashionista is the answer to what many think is impossible around these parts. Style and comfort can be uniquely achieved if you take the time to look past those dreadful university sweatshirts, and jogging pants.

We may not be the best; we surely aren’t the trendiest, but we are Penn State and when it comes to our fashion there are treasonable fashionistas — and fashionistos — that represent fantastic style to the best of their abilities.

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