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New York University sophomore Morgan Boyer believes when it comes to decorating a dorm room it’s all about making the space your own. Boyer’s dorm is a chic yet eclectic combination of everything she loves, from modern furniture to Paris-inspired pillows to vintage posters.

For Boyer, her room is the perfect stylish space to study and hang out with friends. She loves the comfy furnishings she has found to make her dorm feel more like home.

“It’s cool and lush, with the blues, lots of pillows and a rug,” she said

While Boyer loves her cozy room accessories, it is her wall art — posters, mantra decals and photographs — that really make her proud to call this dorm room her home away from home.

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When Boyer first set out to decorate her dorm room she wanted to create a space that was unique but also a place she loves to be.

“I wanted a space that was urban, edgy and full of intent. For my room, I was inspired by a bedspread and then New York. Usually I’m inspired by things that capture time and color”.

Boyer’s interior design mantra is “Make your room your favorite place to be.” She also stressed accepting a little bit of mess. “There’s nothing interesting about perfection,” she said.

She definitely fulfills those ideals — her bedroom is a place even we’d love to crash, due in part to its not-so-perfect vibe.

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Boyer emphasizes freedom when describing her room design.

“Don’t limit yourself to a specific color or an idea, choose an essence that you want to go for and keep it in mind while you pick out your pieces. Everything doesn’t have to match in pattern or color, but vibes should match.”

Boyer’s design “don’ts” include limiting the “stuff” crammed into a space, lacking of organization and spreading too far into roommates’ space.

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Boyer’s dorm celebrates a modern, edgy and timeless vibe. For Boyer, a dorm room should be fun and unique. So, the next time you think about giving your dorm a makeover, take inspiration from this university girl and make your space whatever you want it to be.


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