By Natalia Svirshchevsky, Intern Queen
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During the job interview, you’ll thank yourself for being so prepared.

Nowadays it seems like everyone knows what they should do in order to get the dream job. Students are interning extensively, spending long hours at the library to earn straight A’s and being involved with as many organizations as they can on campus. But with everyone doing the same thing, does this become the new norm? How are you expected to stand out if everyone is now following the same rules? As the business world is constantly changing, so should your methods of distinguishing yourself from others. Below are some tips on how to get yourself noticed now.

1. Apply your skills. Attending class and getting good grades isn’t enough to land you the job you want. There is no better way of utilizing your education than by connecting it to the real world. Take what you learn in the classroom and start a project or organization. Employers like to see how you can use your knowledge to do something outside of the classroom.

2. Be a leader. Anyone can join every single club on campus and put it down on his or her resume. Do not join something if you cannot commit your time to the meetings and the projects. If you’re truly interested in a club, join to learn more about it and then apply for leadership positions within the organization. Impress future employers by showing how you helped benefit an organization or cause.

3. Take charge. If there is a company that you have always wanted to work for but it never seems like they have any positions open, contact them anyway. You cannot sit around and wait for an opening to appear on Monster before applying. Send them an email explaining why you want to work for them, how your skills can benefit them and attach your resume. Sure, you may not hear back — and even if you do, it doesn’t mean you will be offered anything — but the recruiter will remember you and may even reach out to you before announcing an opening to the public if he or she thinks your skill set matches the job description.

4. Conflict management. Nothing in the world will go smoothly all the time. Before hiring someone, employers want to make sure their candidate knows how to handle different situations. Don’t be afraid to talk about a specific time you resolved a conflict. It will show employers how you can adapt to a variety of situations and stay cool under pressure.

5. The world as your playground. No matter what field you work in, there will always be times where you have to work with people that come from a different upbringing or background than you. You cannot expect to always have something in common with everyone. But you can learn how to work and communicate with colleagues that differ from yourself. There is no better way to learn how to do this than by traveling abroad. Not only will you gain a larger perspective of the world around you, but you’ll be more able to understand viewpoints that differ from your own.

6. Video resume. Employers are constantly bombarded with piles of resumes that they don’t have the time nor energy to read. It’s also very difficult for employers to get to know the real you by reading one piece of paper. Demonstrate your creativity by recording yourself talking your resume. In the end, employers want to hire someone whose attitudes and personality traits match those of their company. By getting to see you on film, employers have a better perception of you and may view your experience and expertise differently than if they just read bullet points on your resume.

Natalia Svirshchevsky is an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador from the University of Connecticut. The Intern Queen Campus Ambassador Program is a network of over 100 influential college students from campuses worldwide who are responsible for spreading the word about great internship opportunities, sharing insight, and starting the internship conversation with their peers. Their goal is to increase brand awareness, create unique content, and help spread the word about the Intern Queen Brand and partner brands that we work with. To apply to be a 2013 Intern Queen Campus Ambassador email HERE.



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